BMW 335i 2006-2008 V.3 Fusion Color Change LED Halo Headlight Kit with RF Remote

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BMW 335i 2006-2008 V.3 Fusion Color Change LED Halo Headlight Kit with RF Remote, originally designed and uniquely manufactured by Flashtech, are the most advanced halo kit ever designed. Flashtech’s Fusion color changing technology eliminates the frustration of choosing just one halo color and enables complete halo customization with the press of a button.

Flashtech Fusion Color Changing halo kits come with everything you need to add a striking look to your existing headlights, including custom vehicle specific halos, complete installation instructions, and external LED drivers, which can be mounted outside of the headlight assembly, allowing for simple plug-and-play replacement if failure occurs.

Flashtech's RGB RF Controller features 7 colors (red, green, blue, purple, amber, cyan, and white) spread over 25 color-changing modes. You can choose 3- or 7- color flash, fade, or slow fade, as well as single color flashing and 2 color cross-fade, or you can choose one of 7 static colors. This RGB LED controller also features a brightness control with 256 levels of brightness, and a speed control of 100 levels. All of these features can be accessed by the remote control, which also features play/pause and on/off switches. In addition the control module has three led’s that light up and or flash depending on exactly what mode has been selected. This allows the user to be able to mount the controller inside the vehicle and see what your halos are doing without having to get out of the vehicle!

Flashtech V.3 Fusion Color Change Headlight Halo Kit Includes :

  • Vehicle Specific Components : BMW 335i 2006, 2007, 2008
  • (2) V.3 Fusion Color Change Low Beam Halo Rings
  • (2) V.3 Fusion Color Change High Beam Halo Rings
  • (2) External LED Drivers
  • (1) RF Remote
  • (1) Complete Wiring and Installation Guide
  • Everything you need to add Halos to your existing headlights * This is an LED Halo Kit and does NOT include new Headlight Assemblies