LED Interior SMD Bulbs - 8 5050 LED - Rigid Loop Bulbs

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The FLASHTECH line of SMD replacement bulbs features an unsurpassed level of brightness and quality. This bulb utilizes 5050 SMD technology which produces vibrant light with sharp hues while consuming only 1/10th the power of factory bulbs. Commonly used for under door courtesy lights or trunk area lights as an easy and cost efficent way to upgrade your car or truck lighting with a simple plug and play design!


These LED bulbs will replace any Rigid Loop bulb size and replaces stock bulb sizes: 211-2, 212-2, 214-2, 560, 570, 576, 578, 579 bulb for under door courtesy lights or trunk area lights. Besides under door courtesy lights and trunk area lights, this rigid loop LED bulbs will also fit most map lights, dome lights, and step courtesy door lights.

Availlable in White, Blue and Red 8 5050 SMD LED diode per bulb
Uses 1/10th the power and produces virtually no heat compared to factory bulbs
Rigid Loop with hook on each end

Package Contents::
One pair (2 pieces) Rigid Loop 8 SMD LED Bulbs in retail blister pack