RF Single-Color LED Controller

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Flashtech Single Color RF Controller is a versatile unit that is used to control a variety of single color LED Light sources. One of Flashtech's smallest controllers, this unit can be used with many Flashtech single color led products. A common 2 wire positive and ground wire setup provides easy wiring with any 2 wire 12V DC LED lighting setup.

Flashtech's Single Color LED RF controller is one of the most simple, reliable, and versatile LED control systems on the market. With a powerful wireless RF controller packed with options get ready to turn your led lights on and off, provide multiple dimming and strobing effects while being up to 50 feet away.

● 8 Dynamic Effects
● 10-Level Dimmer
● 256-Grade PWM
● Speed Adjustable
● Ultra Slim Design with Card Type Remote
● Auto Save Function

Remote Functions:
● ON / Standby: to turn ON or switch to standby mode. LED strip will turn on and restore to previous status at powering on moment.
● LIGHT: switch to static lighting mode from dynamic mode.
● 25% / 50% / 100% : switch to 100% , 50% or 25% brightness lightness mode.
● MODE+ / MODE- : switch to dynamic mode from static lighting mode, or switch between different dynamic modes.
● SPEED+ / SPEED- : adjust dynamic mode lighting speed.
● BRIGHT+ / BRIGHT- : adjust lighting mode brightness.

Technical Parameters:
● RF Remote frequency: 433.92MHz
● Supply voltage: DC 5V - 24V
● Output: 1 channels
● Connecting mode: common anode
● Remote distance: >15m in open area
● PWM grade: 256 grades
● Static power consumption: <1 W
● Output current peak: 12A

Package contents:
1×RF Wireless Remote LED Controller
6 feet of wire with 5 amp fuse prewired
2 pairs of connectors