Halo Info

What is an LED Halo ?
An LED Halo is a custom made circuit board with LEDs consecutively soldered onto it. They are made of a rigid material which cannot be bent or flexed so that when the LEDs are illuminated, they glow in a way that produces a specific shape. LED Halo’s come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are without a doubt one of the most eye catching modifications you can make to your vehicle. HSC Halo rings can be seen clearly even in direct sunlight.

What is a “halo kit” ?
A “halo kit” is a combination of halo sizes made for a specific vehicle’s headlights or fog lights. A halo kit can consist of any number of halos needed to fit your vehicle’s specific needs. Normally, halo kits come in either a (2) or (4) piece kit. A halo kit is NOT a complete headlight assembly. The website pricing is just for the actual LED parts intended to be installed inside the headlight housing. If you are interested in getting a custom set of headlights built please click HERE to go to our Dealer Locator page to find a mapped list of all of our dealers!

What is a ColorFuse Halo Kit ?
HSC has utilized the latest in automotive LED technology to present a unique line of halos like no other: ColorFuse. HSC halo kits consist of RGB LEDs. RGB is simply an automotive reference for “color changing.” We chose the name ColorFuse because it more imaginatively depicts the brilliant effects that this product produces!
What is a ColorChase Halo Kit ?
HSC has utilized the latest in automotive LED technology to present a unique line of halos like no other: ColorChase.  Colorchase lighting system smashes the boundaries of lighting control with the ability to select static colors and preset moving patterns! Get ready to stand out from the crowd with the most advanced Halo System ever produced!

What makes HSC Halo Kits better than similar competitor products ?
The biggest downfall of most companies’ halo designs are that the back of each halo ring is littered with tiny resistors. Over time, or due to improper installation, if one of these resistors decides to fail then it’s going to take 3 LEDs out with it. A halo ring gets its look from the full look of all the LEDs being illuminated. Who wants LEDs out in there headlights? Not only do unlit LEDs throw off the whole look of the vehicle, but it’s also a major hassle to fix. In order to fix this problem, one must reopen the lights and swap out the parts. What a hassle right? Sometimes this may even require you to remove your bumper or other car parts in order to fix.. Who wants to do all that? Not you. Well, here at HSC we do things a little differently. HSC Halo kits feature EXTERNAL resistors. We like to call them “Drivers.” These small driver boxes conveniently connect to the halo wires outside of the headlight with a simple male and female plug operation. Using this driver technology means that if any product failure were to occur, the issue could simply be fixed by changing out an external part under the hood. No bumper removal and no headlight reopen needed. Makes you wonder why it wasn’t done this way all along, right?

How many colors can a HSC Halo kit produce ?
Using our ColorFuse Wireless Remotes with our halo kits allows you to literally produce any color under the sun. Really, there are no color limitations. Our wireless remotes allow you to custom create colors and even lets you save them so you can display those colors later on. Pretty cool, right? Please check Remote options in the drop down menu! You need a remote in order to operate the halos, so make sure to select one!

Will my halos always be changing colors ?
Nope. Using one of our ColorFuse Remotes you have COMPLETE control over every aspect of the halos. Our ColorFuse remotes allow you to control the halos color, speed, brightness, strobe/fade modes, on/off, and much more! You get to take control! Make sure to select a remote option from the drop down menu when purchasing your halo kit! HSC highly recommends using an in-line fuse with your remote to complete a professional install. Waterproof In-Line fuses are available for purchase HERE.

Do you sell single color halo kits ?
Yes we do! WE sell single color white halos, as well as red, green, blue and switchback halos!

Are ColorFuse Halos high quality products? Are they reliable ?
HSC ColorFuse Halos have a product failure below 1%. The mass majority of issues are caused by improper installation by the customer or failure of an external driver which can easy be replaced. The only time we see actual LED failure is if the halos are exposed to water, which is not an issue with the product, but with the installation.

How hard is it to install a halo kit ?
Installing a halo kit requires opening the headlights. There are many different ways to open different headlights, but the most popular way is to bake them in an oven. Some headlights cannot be baked open and instead must be cut open. Once open, the halos can be installed using many different methods. Some methods may include the use of adhesives such as epoxy, or silicone. Another way is by using beading wire to secure the halos to the headlights housing. Once the halo kit is installed, the lights can be resealed with all holes being secured. The most important thing is to guarantee a good seal to prevent any moisture or water from getting in.

What kind of warranty do I get with these ?
NONE, you’re on your own buddy!
...Just kidding. Your warranty covers product failure under normal operating conditions. Warranty does not cover malfunctions resulting from improper installation; such as water damage. If exposed to water, the LED halos can fail. If you have any problems with your product, simply contact us with a detailed explanation and we will tell you exactly what caused it.

Halo Problems ?
Don't worry! If you're experiencing any problem with your halo kit 9 out of 10 times it is either installation related or worst case a driver box has gone bad. Driver boxes can easily be replaced from under the hood as they utilize a plug and play operation. Please email us with any pictures for reference if you're experiencing any halo issues.  

Are ColorFuse LED Halo's legal?
HSC halos are sold for show purposes only. Please check with your local state/county laws for additional information pertaining to what is legal in your area.