3528 SMD Flex 3" Strip LED Lighting - Amber

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Flashtech Flex LED strips are semi-flexible SMD LED strips utilizing 3528 surface mount LED lights. The high density of 3528 LED's makes these strips appear as a solid bar of multi-color led flexible strips light when turned on ; with extremely high brightness. Flashtech flexible Led board technology accommodates bends around corners ; but still maintains rigidity ; for easy mounting. Our proprietary external LED drivers ensure reliability and provide mounting in even the smallest of areas. Flashtech Flex LED light strip is the perfect solution for your next custom headlight or fog light build!

Product Features:
  • Light strips are flexible to mount to multiple different surfaces inside a headlight or fog light
  • 3" Length ; with the ability to cut the strip down via cut lines on the back of the light
  • External Led Driver mounts outside of headlight for easy servicing or replacement
  • Easy plug and play adapters simplifies wiring installation

Package Includes:
1 - 3" Amber 3528 Led strip with external driver