Flashtech Fusion Waterproof Dual Remote RF Controller: RGB

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Flashtech Fusion Wireless Waterproof Dual RF Controller is a versatile unit that is used to control a variety of RGB color changing LED Light sources. This controller can be used with all Flashtech color changing led products but come pre wired with waterproof plugs that allow for plug and play connections with Flashteh Rock lights, wheel lights and underbody kits.

Flashtech's IP66 rated enclosure provides a 360 degree moisture barrier with protection from water projected (up to 1/2 inch nozzle) against the enclosure from any direction. The included waterproof screw on connector also ensures compatibility with most LED color changing products on the market, regardless of the manufacturer.

Color and lighting effects are controlled from a slim, credit card size, RF remote as well as from a key fob remote . These wireless remotes provides many different color on demand options and multiple color changing lighting effects, all controlled from a touch of a button from up to 50 feet away!

Technical Parameters
● Working temperature: -4 - 140 F
● Supply voltage: DC12V
● Output: 3 channels
● Connecting mode: common anode
● Waterproof rating: IP66
● Transmission/receiving frequency:433MHz
● Remote distance: 32.8-49.2ft
● Controller dimension: L 10.8 Χ W 7.6Χ H 4.3 CM
● Remote dimension: L 8.5 Χ W 5.2 Χ H 0.7 CM
● Packing size: L 14.5 Χ W 9.5 Χ H 5.0 CM
● Net weight: 4.9oz
● Gross weight: 6.2oz
● Static power consumption: <1W
● Output current: <3A(each channel)
● Output power: 12V:<108W,