Warm White Waterproof LED Strip Lighting : 16 foot roll

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Flashtech Waterproof Flexible LED Strip Lights are commercial-grade rope led ribbon lights ; designed for interior and exterior home and business use in situations with higher traffic and more rugged conditions. Boaters find this waterproof flexible LED strips perfect for subtle onboard deck lighting ; and yachters love waterproof multi-color flexible strips for adding low voltage led strips to their kitchens or sleeping quarters. Automotive experts use it for brighter ; more efficient footwell illumination ; in the glove box ; under the chassis ; or even under the hood. Flashtech's color change led flexible strips are also sold in a 5 meter roll and can be cut to length to ensure perfect fitment for every application.

Product Features:
● sold as a 5 meter roll (aproximatly 16.4 feet)
● Black background for a clean look
● Cut lines allow strips to be cut and wired for individual use
● 3M foam tape provides an unmatchable hold
● IP65 waterproof coating allows for all weather protection
● 5050 LED's in 5000K Warm White

Package Includes:
1 - 5 meter Warm White roll of waterproof strip lighting